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Winner Indy’s Best Dog Trainer/Pet Behaviorist of the Triangle 2014!


Dog Fun Forever (DFF) and Whole Dog Institute (WDI) offers training for companion dogs and their families. We serve dogs living in Durham, Chapel Hill, Hillsborough, and surrounding areas.

We offer coaching, one-on-one (in your home or in our facility) and in classes, for individuals, couples, and families who want a wonderful lifelong relationship with their canine companion.

In addition to puppy and obedience classes, we hold K9 Nose Work®  and agility games classes. These classes provide opportunities for challenging dogs both physically and mentally through play.

We know that everyone learns best when they are relaxed and happy. Our goal is to help you understand your dog better and know how to continue your dog’s education after your class is finished.

Location of the training center and agility fields: 5922 US Hwy 70 West, Durham, NC 27705

A Warm Welcome

K9 Nose Work® Classes Growing in Popularity!

K9 Nose Work® was created about five years ago in Los Angeles, California. The first trial was held in 2009. There are now over 2000 members of the National Association of Scent Work™ and trials are being organized across the country.

Sue McKinney is the first Certified Nose Work Instructor in North Carolina. She has earned her Nose Work 2 title with her dog, Smudge, and an NW1 title with her dogs Rain and Vivid.

Contact Sue immediately to sign-up for Introduction to K9 Nose Work (see Classes page)


Location of training facility and fields: 5922 US Hwy 70 West, Durham, NC 27705

Mailing address: Dog Fun Forever, LLC, P.O. Box 51081, Durham, NC 27717

Watch Sue and Smudge’s TV interview! Smudge was the “Dog in White” for Alabama’s first K9 Nose Work trial. This means she ran each element before the competitors to be sure it would run the way the Certifying Official (who sets the hides) thought it would. She was fabulous!


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